Finally Out of Boxes

I’m trying to get settled into the new house.   It’s coming together, although more slowly than I would like.  Who knew that a 4-month-old plus crippling depression would interfere so much with making progress?  At least, as of today, we are officially no longer living out of boxes.  Things still feel a little messy and thrown-together, but at least we are unpacked.

But I still don’t feel settled.  Nothing in my world feels right.  Nothing in my world feels good.  I kind of hate our new house.  I miss my old house.  I miss my old life.  It feels like nothing is ever going to get better.  That’s probably the depression talking.  After all, it sounds super dramatic, and Depressed Me is way more dramatic than Healthy Me.  But really, I do find myself wondering if I’m ever going to get better for real.  I was starting to get better, back before we moved, but now I’ve hit this huge setback, and I’m not sure if I will get over it or not.


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